Real Estate Predictions for 2014

Happy New Year readers!

Now that 2014 is off and running, it’s time for experts to offer their view on what lies ahead. Overall, the general feeling is one of optimism – and not quite the same cautious optimism seen in past years, but a genuine feeling that we may have actually turned a corner. Here now are some national and local predictions (and questions) for the 2014 real estate market.

5 Things to Watch in Housing in 2014 (Wall Street Journal)

The Wall Street Journal offers its assessment of the key factors which will likely influence the housing market in 2014.

Boomerang Buyers Could Boost Housing Market (RIS Media)

Recent changes which allow previously foreclosed upon homeowners to buy back their homes is leading to a phenomenon called the “boomerang buyer”  and could become more widespread this year.

What’s Ahead for 2014 Housing Market (USA Today)

According to USA Today, look for prices to rise more slowly in 2014 and home building to push ahead of the housing market’s recovery.

What’s Cooking for 2014? (Real Estate Weekly)

Real Estate Weekly believes Hells Kitchen will be among the neighborhoods to watch this year, now that the massive Hudson Yards development is underway.

Predicting 2014 (The Real Deal)

NYC  real estate pros weigh in on everything from de Blasio to prices, but agree that market can’t keep up with last year’s pace.