Tips for Finding the Right NYC Apartment

Previously I discussed some factors to take into account when trying to pick the right neighborhood. Today, I’m discussing some of the things you should consider when looking for your actual apartment (besides your budget, of course).

  • Size

    • Do you want a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or larger?

    • How much square footage do you think would be comfortable?

      • Keep in mind – gross square footage is important, but what’s equally important is the layout.

  • Elevator versus Walk-Up

    • Think about what you’re going to be carrying most days when you walk up and down the stairs.

    • Walk-ups are often quite a bit cheaper than elevator buildings.

  • Floor Level

    • Higher floors offer better views and light, but often cost more.

    • In walk-ups, the highest floor can frequently be the least expensive due to the hike, especially if the apartment is on the 5th or 6th floor.

    • Bottom floors can be great values, but you may have to deal with having less light, limited views or possibly being close to the street.

  • Doorman versus Non-Doorman

    • Is having a doorman a necessity for you, or is it just a nice luxury that you would like to have if you can afford it?

    • Remember – doorman buildings have higher maintenance and common charges than non-doorman buildings.

  • Pets

    • Do you currently have pets or would you like to have pets in the near future?

    • When considering a building which is advertised as pet friendly, be sure to ask about any weight or breed restrictions and how many pets per apartment are permitted.

  • Building Amenities

    • The key question to ask concerning building amenities is this – are you really going to use them? If not, then don’t pay extra for them!

  • Pre-war/Post-war/New Construction

    • Are you looking for a brand new building with all the bells and whistles?

    • Or would you like a charming fixer upper with beautiful crown moldings?

    • For new construction, be sure you understand the issues often associated with such buildings (certificate of occupancy, financing, etc).

Still need a bit more guidance on finding the right type of apartment or have questions about any of the items above? Feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help!

Nikki R. Thomas
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
The Corcoran Group
[email protected].