Greenwich Village

Neighborhood Boundaries:  From Broadway to the Hudson River and from Houston Street to 14th Street

Subways: A, C, E, B, D, F, M, L, 1, 2 and 3

Architecture: low-rise pre-war buildings with high rise pre-war buildings located along the “Gold Coast” section of Fifth Avenue; a few post-war mid-rises; federal style townhouses and Greek revival buildings

What I Like Most About It:

Greenwich Village is infused with charm due to the dominating presence of pre-war architecture throughout the neighborhood. The townhouses in the area some of the most beautiful in the city, in my opinion. I also feel the area has a high level of energy due to the presence of NYU, which is my law school alma mater. Admittedly, the scholastic connection does affect my fondness for this particular neighborhood 🙂 There is a vast array of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to choose from – you are unlikely to ever be bored with your options. Finally, Greenwich Village is quite convenient in terms of subway access and proximity to other popular downtown neighborhoods, namely Union Square, Flatiron, Chelsea, Soho, the West Village and the East Village.

Favorite Places and Spaces


  1. When I was in Greenwich Village, the first place and almost only place that stuck in my head were Arturo’s Pizza and Think Coffee.. they’re 2 of my most favorite things on earth, maybe that’s why. They were introduced to me by some strangers, come to think of it.

    • Strangers in NYC can provide the best recommendations, right? And thanks for making me realize I left a real gem off this list – Arturo’s Pizza! Good call! It’s great to walk by that restaurant and see that it’s popularity endures.

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