Nikki’s Picks – Wangs

There are chicken wings…and then there’s wangs. Crispy, delectable, spicy, juicy, flavorful wangs. If you love yourself some good chicken, then my friends, you might want to venture out to Wangs in Park Slope.

It’s a fairly unassuming place – just a cute little stand that looks like something out of a small town. Perhaps that’s what drew me to it (because we all know how much I like things that remind me of home), and it is a fusion of Korean and Southern cuisine, afterall. The menu is limited, but in my mind, that’s a good thing because it allows them to focus on making each item really well.

The wangs are, of course, fabulous as is the fried chicken. But the sleeper hits, in my opinion, are the corn and the collard greens. Especially the collard greens. If only they’d hold up in transit, I’d ship a bucket of them to my Dad back home!

If you live nearby this place, it may become a regular addiction. You’ve been warned.

Wangs, 671 Union Street, between 4th and 5th Ave in Park Slope




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