Small Space Solutions – The Kitchen

One of the challenges of living in New York City is that the vast majority of us don’t really have a lot of space to work with in our homes. So efficient living is foisted upon us whether we want it or not.

But living small can be made a lot easier (and more fun) with some great tips for how to maximize your spaces, and that’s what this series is all about. I’ve combed the web for some of the best small space solution articles and will share them with you here on my blog.

Let’s get started with…

The Kitchen

One day, I will have a massive kitchen, with lots of counter space, cabinets and a large fridge. I shall have all the cooking gadgets and utensils that my little heart desires. But today, I am far, far from that, so I have to focus on the essentials. But what are the essentials? What should I keep on hand? And what should I toss (or not bother to buy)? Furthermore – how do I get the most out of my very, very limited counter space and storage space?

If you’re asking the same questions, here are some great tips for you and me both!

Keep things organized by making sure you have only the essentials on hand. Here’s a list from the Kitchn (one of my favorite sites for all things culinary). The Kitchn’s Guide to Essential Cooking Tools & Utensils

Learn how to make the most of your space based on how often you cook. The Well Organized Kitchen

Readers of the Kitchn chime in with some ingenious organization ideas. Why Didn’t We Think of That? 18 Genius Kitchen Organizing Tips From Our Readers 

And finally – here are some great ideas for how to corral all the items under your kitchen sink. I personally need to enact some of these, pronto. 11 Ways to Organize Under a Sink