Nikki’s Picks – Chelsea Market

Most would say that you shouldn’t go shopping while hungry. That certainly doesn’t apply to Chelsea Market, in my opinion. You should bring your appetite because there is soooo much to try!

From the minute you walk in, your senses are overwhelmed with all of its sights, sounds and delicious smells. It’s a large indoor market in the gorgeous old NABISCO building featuring some of my favorite food vendors and restaurants in NYC, like Fat Witch Bakery, the Green Table, Friedman’s Lunch, the Nut Box, Amy’s Bread and the incredibly aromatic Spices and Tease. Some of these will be the subject of future posts 🙂

Sure, it can get a little crowded since its a very popular tourist spot (especially given it’s proximity to the Highline). But unless you’re just grabbing something on a quick errand, this isn’t a place that’s meant for a rushed experience. You’re supposed to slow down. You’re supposed to take it all in. We (shockingly) don’t have a lot of places like this in NYC, so the next time you go, be sure to savor the experience. And eat as much as you can stuff into your belly. This is a diet buster that’s worth it!

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