Winter Wanderings – Brooklyn Museum “Killer Heels” Exhibition

Despite being just a hop, skip and a jump away from it, my husband and I have only been to the Brooklyn Museum once. As in, ever. This is crazy in light of the fact that it’s the second largest museum in all of New York City. Yes, all of New York City, with its dozens upon dozens of museums! It would be a terrible shame to be so close to an institution of such great importance and not take advantage of it.  So we decided that we needed to remedy this, immediately. And our timing was perfect, since the Brooklyn Museum has a positively fascinating exhibition going on entitled “Killer Heels.” The exhibition not only takes a look at heels throughout history, but the social trends and feelings that they signify. I love things like this that take day to day objects and makes you think of them in a new light.

The exhibition will be there until March 1st. So if you haven’t seen it yet, GO!

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