Nikki’s Picks – Fat Witch Brownies

Although my husband is a pretty healthy eater, he has a sweet tooth that is kind of unreal. Since we first met over four years ago, I’ve been introduced to lots and lots of wonderful treats. But few of those treats can top or match the fabulousness that is Fat Witch Brownies situated in Chelsea Market. Folks, there is a reason why Oprah once selected this place for her “Favorite Things” show. They are just the epitome of everything a brownie should be. But they don’t stop there at the classics. No, my friends. They have a wide variety of flavors like caramel, blondie, pecan, java, etc. and some marvelous seasonal things as well (like pecan pie bars!!!).

Remember how I said that Chelsea Market is a diet buster in a previous post? This is one of the main reasons (at least for me, heh). If you really have to stick with your diet, they do offer bite size treats to satisfy your craving. But whether you go for a little taste, or the whole shebang, it’s worth every sweet, moist calorie. I promise.

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