Nikki’s Picks – The Green Table

A rustic atmosphere. Candlelight. Great, nourishing, comforting food that’s been locally sourced. These are all the ingredients that I am most fond of in a restaurant dining experience.

That’s why I thoroughly enjoy myself each time I go to the Green Table, in Chelsea Market. They take wonderful, simple things that you know and love, and just elevate them. They’re actually the ones who were responsible for turning me into such a raving fan of kale. Prior to my first dinner there nearly six years ago, I had only eaten the leafy green once in my entire life. Now, it’s a staple in my kitchen. How can I not love a place that caused THAT to happen? 🙂 Best of all, every time I go, I feel like I’m spending time at someone’s country home (and we all know how much I like the country:)), so it’s like a little breath of fresh air, even with all the buzz just outside the door as busy shoppers and tourists hurry by.

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