Nikki’s Picks – The Good Batch

There are cookies – little crumbly bits of sweetness that more or less satisfy your sweet tooth. And then there are cookies – the kind that you want to gobble up like a real life cookie monster until your belly screams “I can’t!”

The Good Batch has those kinds of cookies, people.

I was first introduced to their amazingness through one of my favorite lunch spots, Dig Inn. Their Brown Butter Salty looked so tempting, so I had to give it a shot. My husband was skeptical – “Eh…it’s just a cookie. How good could it be?”

It could be awesome. So. Incredibly. Awesome.

From that moment on, we snatched them up anytime we found ourselves at Dig Inn, which was pretty often, considering that we lived near one in the West Village and both worked near one around Union Square.

You can imagine our glee when we discovered that they had a brick and mortar shop in Clinton Hill, just a little extended stroll from our new place in Brooklyn. Walking a longer distance means you’ve earned a reward, right?

If you’re not too keen on cookies, they have a variety of other fantastic baked goods for you to try – scones, cakes, brownies, etc. which you can enjoy in their light, airy space.

Just remember that if you want any Brown Butter Salties, you’ll need to get there before I do…

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