Nikki’s Picks – David’s Tea

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about tea. I easily drink several cups a day and at any given time you can find at least 10 to 15 varieties of tea in my cabinet. I also do afternoon tea service at least once a month somewhere in the city. I am always, always looking for a new, flavorful infusion to try.

When David’s Tea debuted in NYC several years ago, I was an immediate fan. And an immediate regular 🙂 I love to pop into their shops and peruse their seasonal offerings – their staff will gladly pull down any tea to allow you to get a good whiff of the aromas. Best of all, you can buy their tea by the ounce, so it’s easy to give a new flavor a trial run before committing to a full tin.

Fortunately for all of you other tea lovers out there, they now have multiple locations across the city 🙂

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