Small Space Solutions – Double Duty Furniture

One of the challenges of living in New York City is that the vast majority of us don’t really have a lot of space to work within our homes. So efficient living is foisted upon us whether we want it or not.

But living small can be made a lot easier (and more fun) with some great tips for how to maximize your spaces, and that’s what this series is all about. I’ve combed the web for some of the best small space solution articles and will share them with you here on my blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry to this series, so let’s get back at it and turn our attention to…

Double-Duty Furniture

One of the best ways to increase storage within your apartment and decrease clutter is to introduce “double duty” furniture. These are items around your apartment that can offer additional, hidden storage and/or provide additional surfaces and space functionality. Below are some links which offer some awesome double duty options for your own home.

The Best Double-Duty Furniture for Small Spaces (The Everygirl) 

10 Double Duty Pieces of Furniture Every Small Space Needs (PopSugar)

More Bang for Your Buck: Double Duty Furniture Ideas (Apartment Therapy) 

7 Double Duty Furniture Ideas for Small Rooms (Small Room Ideas) 

Downsizing Help: Think “Double Duty” for Small Spaces (Houzz) 



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