Things Renters Need to Know (But Often Don’t…)

Renting in NYC can be tough. Very, very tough. But what makes it even harder is the fact that there’s all sorts of information out there that most renters should know, but frequently don’t. My hope is that this roundup of links below will help fill in some of those information gaps.

Rental Building Types in NYC

Things to Know About Your New Rental BEFORE You Sign the Lease

Everything You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

How to Make Sure Your Roommates Actually Pay Bills

Subletting Your Apartment (The Right Way)

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

What’s the Tenant Blacklist?

Dealing with Bad (or No) Credit As a Renter (Important note – the advice about being able to pay more cash upfront no longer applies as that practice is now restricted by the 2019 rent law. However, the other advice in this article still applies!)

Have more rental related questions or thinking about searching for a new place to call home in NYC? Feel free to contact me! I’m always happy to help!



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