My First Apartment In…Kips Bay

My First Apartment In…Kips Bay

Welcome back to my new feature, My First Apartment! In this piece, I interview New Yorkers on their experiences in their very first apartment here in NYC. They give the lowdown on the good and the bad plus some tips to help you along with your own home search.

Now let’s introduce our next interviewee…

Nicole Cueto a/k/a “The Cuban Carrie”
PR & Communications Professional
Check Her Out On Instagram – The Cuban Carrie

In what neighborhood was your first apartment located? 

My first apartment was in the Kips Bay neighborhood, just south of Murray Hill. I knew nothing about NYC or the complexity of finding an apartment in a “desirable” neighborhood, but what I did know was that I found a “new” apartment that was within my budget, had a doorman, an elevator, roof deck and a gym. I thought I won the lottery! Not that Kips Bay is a bad starting neighborhood, but it had some less desirable qualities that I wouldn’t have known without having lived there. Needless to say, I only lived there one year and am glad I have found a neighborhood I love – FiDi!

What size was it? (i.e. studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, etc) 

It was a one “flex” – a term only New Yorkers would know, lol. However, my flex was “huge” for New York standards and though my closet was out in the hall by the front door, I could still fit a queen size bed, a night stand and a desk and chair and still have room to “move around”. Plus I had ledge in front of my window that was the length of the wall so I got creative, added shelves and curtains on each side, and made extra storage for my Carrie Bradshaw shopping habit results – too many clothes!

What did you absolutely love and/or hate about your first apartment? 

I loved its central location but that also had its drawbacks. There was a lot of foot traffic, [and] because of all the foot traffic, the street was constantly littered with garbage – gross!

What did you love about your first neighborhood? 

Hmmmmm, not much. Maybe the views from my rooftop? Or easy access to get places.

Any words of wisdom to share with first timers looking in the city? 

If you have the time and opportunity, hang out in the neighborhood for a few days at different hours. Talk to neighbors or people who live in the neighborhood. Because of legalities [i.e. fair housing regulations], realtors aren’t able to answer certain questions that you’ll want to know!




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