My First Apartment In…Bedford-Stuyvesant (a/k/a Bed-Stuy)

Welcome back to my feature, My First Apartment! In this piece, I interview New Yorkers on their experiences in their very first apartment here in NYC. They give the lowdown on the good and the bad plus some tips to help you along with your own home search.

Now let’s introduce our next interviewee…

Clara Ramazzotti
Writer – Pop Culture, Books and IT
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In what neighborhood was your first apartment located?
It is in BedStuy, Brooklyn, not far from Kosciuszko street.

What size was it? (i.e. studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, etc)
It’s a studio apartment, so very very very small but quite comfy.

What did you absolutely love and/or hate about your first apartment?
I really loved the details. It seemed so New York to me. Inside an old brownstone, with a little fireplace and a wall made of bricks. I hated that the apartment was full of holes, not entirely safe against mice or other upsetting animals.

What did you love about your first neighborhood?
The quiet of its backyards and community gardens, full of squirrels. It seems to [feel] outside [of] the city, but then you go out and a warm, sometimes wild Brooklyn is in front of you.

Any words of wisdom to share with first timers looking in the city?
Do not easily surrender to the first place you see. There are many options, so try to not be stressed and to not rush too much with the contract. Check the subway and the neighborhood first.