Ways You Can Help – Coronavirus Aid Efforts in NYC

Now more than ever New Yorkers need to band together to help each other and their community. Here are ways for you to do just that. If you have any recommendations for me to add to this list, please reach out! And if any of the below links are not working properly, please contact me so that I can fix them.

Where to Donate

Food Services

Help for Children and Families 

    • Sheltering Arms COVID-19 Emergency Fund
      • Help this organization which assists under-served communities in New York City continue their range of family services (education, youth development, well being, foster care and adoption, development disability services and more)  which are even MORE important during this time
    • Launch Good Coronavirus Emergency Response
      • Raising funds to assist low income families with financial assistance grants around the country
    • FirstBook
      • From the website: “help deliver seven million books to children in the United States who do not have internet access or home libraries so they can continue learning while schools are closed”

Help for Highly Vulnerable Individuals  

Help for Educators 

Job Opportunities