Things to Know When Renting an Apartment in NYC During the Pandemic

Right now, it’s very uncertain when we’ll be in the “clear” of the pandemic.

But people still need to take care of their housing needs and they’ll still need to move.

So if you’re contemplating getting a new place, here are some key things you should keep in mind.

Move In/Move Out Policies 

Get clear on what extra steps need to be taken. For example, you should find out if there are there any extra fees and if there are any special protocols in place that you and your movers will need to follow before, during or after your move.

Delayed Lease Start Dates 

Prior to the pandemic, most leases already had sections that talked about what might happen in the event the move-in date was delayed. But it was a section that was often overlooked.

Pay attention to this section! Do not skim over it! Lots of renters were shocked to find out that they were still on the hook for their lease even when their move in dates were delayed by several weeks.

Be sure to know how long you have to wait until you’re able to cancel the lease in the event of delays. And consider asking your landlord if they might be willing to adjust that time frame.

Amenities Access

A lot of amenities were closed off during the shutdown and some still remain closed. So make sure you know which amenities are currently open and which ones might be shuttered if another shutdown happens.

Lease Cancellation Policies

Make sure you’re prepared in case something happens where you need to cancel your lease altogether (i.e. job loss, family emergency). Find out under what circumstances you can cancel your lease. And pay close attention to how much notice you would need to give plus any penalty fees that might be due. If there isn’t a set policy, see if the landlord will agree on something with you.

Communication is Key

Above all – communicate with your landlord! If you’re concerned about something, say something! Given what’s transpired over the last couple of months, landlords are more willing to engage with new tenants and find solutions that can work for the both of you.

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