Get Your NYC Home Ready to Sell – The Best Pre-Listing Fixes

Ready to list your NYC home for sale? Then you need to make sure your home actually looks the part! No matter what’s happening in the market, the homes that look the best will sell the fastest and for the most money

To maximize the chances of your home being one of them, be sure to make these pre-listing fixes. The more you can do, the better! But be sure to weigh the costs and benefits of undertaking them. Your listing agent can help you decide which fixes make the most sense before you list your NYC home for sale. 


Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to instantly refresh a home. So if you can repaint your whole home prior to listing, do it! 

But painting can be rather expensive if you choose to hire a professional. And it can be very time consuming if you go the do it yourself route. As an alternative, you can also consider “touch up” painting of areas that have seen the most traffic and wear over time. 

But fully repainting, when possible, is the best option. And don’t forget to use neutral colors. While bright colors can make a listing pop, they’re still a bit of a risk.

Floor Buffing and Carpet Cleaning

A light buffing of hardwood floors and a deep cleaning of carpets can really brighten a home. And either option can often be done without significant cost. 

Keep in mind, however, that neither are adequate replacements for deep damage. If your floors have serious scratches and dents, or your carpets are seriously worn or torn, you might want to consider more intensive repairs. If you can’t afford these kinds of fixes, then you’ll need to adjust the pricing of your listing to make up for it. 

Update the Kitchen & Bathrooms

Updates to kitchens and bathrooms consistently provide some of the best returns on investment. And you don’t even need to undergo a full renovation to make a big difference. 

Replacing old fixtures and hardware can instantly make a kitchen or bathroom more modern. And as discussed previously, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. If you have tiles, be sure to deep clean the grout. And in bathrooms, switching out an older vanity for a new one can have a big impact.

In the kitchen, you might want to also consider updating the appliances. But this option does tack on a higher cost. Speak with your agent about whether or not it may be worthwhile. 

And be sure to check all faucets for any leaks and fix them ASAP! 

Window Washing & Deep Cleaning

Good window washing and deep cleaning are additional ways to make your home sparkle for photos and showings. So be sure not to overlook this important step. You can take a “do it yourself” track to accomplish this. But hiring professionals is really the way to go if you can. When it comes to windows, you may have to hire a professional, as some NYC buildings have house rules which strictly prohibit residents from cleaning exterior windows on their own. 


And finally – declutter, declutter, declutter! This is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure your home shows its best. 

Having too much clutter is very distracting for prospective buyers. And it can inadvertently draw away from the highlights of your home. 

Tackling clutter can be extremely overwhelming. But fortunately, there are professionals who can help you if you need it. Feel free to contact me if you’d like some recommendations! 


And if you’re ready to list your home for sale but you don’t yet have an agent, let’s talk! You can schedule a call to speak with me here. Schedule a Call



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