Co-op and Condo Building Types in NYC

While searching for your first apartment, you’ll come across different co-op and condo building types in NYC. It’s important to understand their key features and differences to help you figure out which one may be the best fit for you. 

Walk-Up Building

This type of building is by far one of the most common types you’ll come across during your search for a co-op or condo apartment. By definition, they won’t have an elevator (hence the term “walk up”). 

They often don’t have a live-in superintendent (a/k/a “super’), but occasionally some might. The ones that don’t will have an on call super or repair person to address the building’s needs. 

Most don’t have much in the way of amenities, which keeps monthly carrying costs low. But some buildings of this size can still offer things like common outdoor space, laundry rooms and even extra storage. 

Elevator Building

This is the next most common building type. And the sizes of these buildings will vary greatly. They can be anywhere from a small 15 or 20 unit building to a building with well over 50 units. The building will have one or more elevators depending on the size. 

These buildings are much more likely to have a live-in super, especially if the building is larger. If not, then like walk-up buildings, they’ll have an on call super or repair person. 

Due to their size, they’re more likely to come with additional building amenities (and higher monthly costs, as a result). 

Doorman Building

The term “doorman building” actually encompasses several types of buildings. But the simplest definition is a building which has at least a lobby attendant or doorman. The attendant could be part time or full time. 

Doorman buildings are virtually always going to have elevators. And it’s quite common for doorman buildings to have a live-in super, as they tend to be larger buildings. But the presence of a doorman doesn’t guarantee that the building will have other amenities. 

Full Service Building

A full service building is a type of doorman building which offers a robust staff. The building will generally have several doormen, a live-in super, porters and possibly even a concierge

While the types of amenities offered will vary, these types of buildings do usually offer features such as common outdoor space, on site gyms, children’s play rooms, storage and laundry rooms. And they often come with higher monthly charges to boot. 

Which Building Type is Right for You? 

When deciding on which building type makes the most sense for you, keep in mind the features that you’ll actually use. 

For example, if you don’t go to the gym often or make use of roof decks, then it may not make sense to purchase in a building that offers these. Why pay extra money for something you don’t need? 

On the other hand, if you know that you want extra assistance with handling packages and someone on site to take care of repairs, then it makes sense to go for a building offering more services. 

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