Top NYC Real Estate News April 2023

Here’s a roundup of top NYC real estate stories from around the web for the month of April 2023. Click here to view the previous round up.  A ‘Mad...

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Category: Buyers

Is There a “COVID Discount” for Homes In NYC?

COVID Discount This is a term that you might’ve heard floating around a LOT lately. But the question is – does it actually exist? Well…kinda, sor...

Category: Buyers

What First Time Buyers Need to Know About an Accepted Offer in NYC

Getting an accepted offer on an apartment in NYC can be absolutely thrilling! But lots of first time buyers in New York City (understandably) get cold feet w...

Category: Buyers

The First Thing First Time NYC Buyers Should Do

Make sure your home search gets off to the right start! Here’s the FIRST thing first time buyers in New York City should do once they’ve decided ...

Category: NYC Market Information

Tips for Renting an Apartment with Roommates in NYC

Living with roommates can be a fantastic way to save on expenses – especially in a high rent city like New York City! But to really get the most out of...



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