Buying an Apartment in NYC: Your Step by Step Guide

Looking for information about buying an apartment in NYC that’ll take you step by step through the process? Then look no further than this post! The ti...

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Tips for Finding the Right NYC Neighborhood for You!

So you say you want to find the right NYC neighborhood for you? If you’ve lived in the city for a while, the decision process is probably a bit easier –...

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Nikki’s Picks

Nikki’s Picks – Bareburger There’s no doubt about it – I love a great burger. Other than mac & cheese, it is the holy grail of comfort ...

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Co-op vs. Condo – What the Heck is the Difference?

Many of you have heard of co-ops and condos, but do you really know the differences between them? If not, read on! What is a co-op? A cooperative or “co-op” ...

Category: Buyers

Pre-Approval in NYC – The First Step for Buyers

After months (or maybe years) of going back and forth, you’ve finally decided you’d like to buy a home! Great! So…now what? In NYC especially, the first thin...



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