Hidden Gems or Red Flags? What ‘Days on Market’ Reveals to NYC Buyers

What do days on market actually tell NYC buyers about a listing?  Does it mean there’s something wrong with the listing? Does it mean you should skip ov...

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How Much Does It Cost to Own a 1 Bedroom in NYC? (October 2022)

Welcome back to my series “How Much Does It Cost to Own”! Each month, we’ll be looking at different sized apartments to get a sense of what the “median” apar...

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NYC Rental Market Update September 2022

Here’s a quick snapshot of the NYC rental market for September 2022, with a focus on Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can view stats from the previous month here....

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Mortgage Types for NYC First Time Home Buyers

There are a variety of mortgage types that are available for NYC first time home buyers. But you need to understand the key differences between each type to ...

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Should You Work with an NYC Rental Broker?

To work with a rental broker or not? That is the question I’m answering in this installment of Nikki’s New York Minute! My thoughts might surpris...



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