First Time Buyer Quiz Answers

Thank you for taking the First Time Buyer Quiz! The answer and scoring key are below. Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.


Question 1: What’s the first thing you should do when you decide to move forward with buying a home?

Answer: Speak to a mortgage broker


Question 2: True or False – Co-ops and condos are essentially the same type of property.

Answer: False


Question 3: True or False – You can finance up to 90% for a condo.

Answer: True


Question 4: True or False – A co-op is real property.

Answer: False


Question 5: What’s the debt to income ratio a prospective buyer should target?

Answer: 25%


Question 6: If the purchase price is under $1 million, approximately what percentage is recommended to be set aside for closing costs?

Answer: 2 to 4%


Question 7: True or False – Pre-approval and pre-qualification are essentially the same thing.

Answer: False


Question 8: What’s the ideal down payment amount to purchase in NYC?

Answer: 20%


Question 9: True or False – The buyer’s broker is paid by the seller.

Answer: True


Question 10: True or False – Owning always beats out renting.

Answer: False


Scoring Key

7 to 10 points – Great job! You know a lot key information about buying a place here in NYC! There’s still a few things you can brush up on, but you’re in pretty good shape so far!

4 to 6 points – Your knowledge level is okay, but it definitely needs a boost. There are some key points you need to learn more about.

0 to 3 points – There’s quite a bit you don’t understand about the buying process here in NYC. You definitely need to learn more.


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